Our Services

“Service to humanity is the service to God.”

Our existence has no significance if we don’t bring a change for better in the lives of people who are suffering and are deprived of the basic living necessities. We are born as humans, but being human is a choice for us. At RR Trust, we choose to be human by uplifting the lives of our fellowmen with a few welfare services.

As a non-government organization, we are moving ahead in our mission by serving a number of locations across Hyderabad, Telangana. We aim to target the poor and needy families and facilitate them with the basic essentials to carry on their lives with respect and dignity.

Enrollment in a school after paying the required fee is not enough. In today’s competitive world, children at every level of the society need to get an all-round development. We help children achieve more than academic excellence and fund them to gain non-academic skills as well.

A starving body can neither think nor work. A malnourished community builds an unproductive nation. We are doing our bit to ensure that nobody remains hungry till the reach of our organization. Through daily meal plans or by making the eatables available to the needy people, we aim to satiate people and drive them towards productive work.

Being healthy is our right, but due to lack of the resources or awareness, a majority of our society remains in poor health conditions. We not only bring healthcare services to them but also generate awareness on healthy lifestyle and preventive guidelines.

Widows and Orphans
Our society is patriarchal in nature and if the earning member passes out, the main bread-earner of the family is lost. We help such families and widows regain their financial independence by scaling them up. We also take care of the orphans by providing them with basic life necessities, education, and healthcare services.

Wedding Assistance
Our organization works towards completing the lives of people by helping them get married to the right match. Our volunteers not only organize the marriage, but also help in all the related arrangements and expenses.

Supporting Small Businesses
Small and local businesses need a lot of support during the nascent stage. The experts from our organization help people identify the right business, plan for it, make strategies, and get ready with the required funds so that people can grow and sustain a prosperous life.

Apart from the above mentioned areas, we involve in casual charities to help people in need during the time of crisis. We are supported by a few brave and kind hearts and need more like them to be a part of our journey. To bring the change, we need to be the change. Let’s come forward and join our hands to build a society which is sustainable, progressive, and prosperous.

RR Charitable Trust is a Non-Government Organization and we offer Helps for Education, Food, Health, Small Businesses, Weddings, Charity, Helping Widows and Orphans in whole Hyderabad, Telangana for all poor and needy families.