About RR Charitable Trust

We are a drop in the ocean of humanity trying to bring waves of kindness and selfless service in our society.

RR Trust is a non-government organization working towards building sustainable model of existence among the low socio-economic communities, migrant workers, orphans, and underprivileged families. Our purpose is to uplift the living standards of suffering people and struggling communities of the society by offering them the basic living essentials along with making them independent through several welfare programs. Making them self-reliant and live with respect and dignity is what we aim to achieve through our endeavors. For our purpose, we organize programs, trainings, and support groups that focus on community development and capacity building, especially in the urban slums of Hyderabad.

Our Mission
“Our mission is to support the endangered existence of human and all the aspects of their living by encouraging people to come forward and take a voluntary step towards humanity.”

Our Team
We are supported by a number of ordinary-looking people but with the gem of a heart. The volunteers and social workers associated with us are driven by a common goal of achieving success in the lives of all those underprivileged people whom we work for. A thread that holds us together is the wiliness to go beyond our personal limitations and bring limitless happiness in other’s lives through our small activities of kindness. At RR Trust, everyone is the leader, everyone is the flag bearer!